SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {ten on tuesday (our Lilly…)}

1.  She’s certainly a family member.

2.  She sleeps by me.  Sometimes with only her head and shoulders out of the covers.  Abnormal, yes, I’m aware.

3.  Her nose is big.  But we don’t hold it against her.

4.  Poor girl, carries the nickname “Wiener.”

5.  She doesn’t hold back with her response when asked if she would like a treat.  Not to mention that if a tiny bee a few miles says “walk?,” she’s perked and ready to roll.

6.  She’s not very lady-like following a drink of water.

7.  Rarely a week passes where Mr. Hatten doesn’t hold her face next to his and ask, “Do we look like each other?”

8.  She bathes rather infrequently.

9.  She has been blessed with a rare case of “exactly disease.”  (If you do not know what this is, you’re likely better off.)

10.  We love her anyway.  She is, after all, a tiny member of this little family…yet she occupies a very large space in each of our hearts.

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