Investment Info

session fees begin at $200 | in home sessions | outdoor sessions

Session fee includes 1-3 hours of photography time, an on-line gallery of 50-70 images to order from. The session fee does not include
prints, digital or otherwise. Portrait collections begin at $900. The average client invests between $1100 and $1700 on their custom photography.

Outdoor Family

• Typically 2 hours of session time

• Endless location possibilities 

• A personal connection to location = amazing

• Parks, lakes, the backyard, open field, urban setting

Indoor Family or Newborn

• Typically 2 hours of session time

• The comfort of your own home

• Yes, YOUR house is picture-worthy

• Ordinary days are magical days

High School Senior

• Typically 2-3 hours of session time

• Up to two locations 

• Real. Genuine. Authentic.

• A memorable milestone