SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {they kinda like him…}

…and justifiably so.  He’s a pretty good guy. 😉

So, today, I got up at 4:30 AM to begin preparation of Mr. Hatten’s day of fatherhood honor…I roasted and ground his favorite coffee beans, scraped each vanilla bean, milked the cow, and with beads of sweat dripping from my brow, I brewed his vanilla latte to shear perfection.  I then hand-crafted a breakfast fit for a king with only the best cuts of bacon and most delicious crepes placed upon a silver tray, which was gently set on his lap to be ready for his awakening eyes.

Okay, yeah right.

It sorta happened like that.

Well, not really.

The reality?  Breakfast was served.  It was indeed crepes and bacon.  He makes his own coffee.  I don’t like it and think it’s rather smelly and therefore, do not make it.  Although, on a side note, I do actually like the smell of a coffee house.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, the kiddos gave their gifts to the man on the hour, hugs were given, and he then mowed the lawn.  The lawn-geek in him was actually rather excited as he was able to mulch instead of bag the clippings like usual.  This was done while I opened up my very own nail salon in our bathroom.  One manicure and three pedicures…yes, three, Little Buddy insisted and I actually think he looks good in blue toenails.  Little Miss was perfectly delighted and immediately put on her flip-flops as this seems to be the most logical way to show them off.

A nap was had, laundry was ongoing (admittedly, mostly by Mr. Hatten), games were played and dinner was prepared.  All said and done, today was great.

As a special Father’s Day treat for dessert, we made Peanut Butter Pie from this recipe…very yummy!

Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Hatten…you just so happen to be pretty darn good at this gig.  These little critters think so too…

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