Well, here we are, rounding out the weekend.  We had a good one…fairly low key as far as our weekend standards have been set lately.  Little Miss and I went to a pancake dinner pajama party at the church on Friday night, Saturday brought her basketball game and dance practice, and today, was filled with laundry and a bit of goofing off.  Now, it’s time to head to bed but before I do, I thought I would post a list of ten.  I know it isn’t Tuesday but here goes…

1.  Today the conversation looked like this:

(Little Buddy getting dressed this morning…shirt still off)
Little Buddy:  You see these dots right here? (pointing to his chest)
Me:  Ummm, yes…??
Little Buddy:  Well, I can shoot out of them. (laser-type shooting sounds)
Me:  Oh, well, that’s good.

2.  So, the way that I look at this conversation is that his super-hero imagination continues to astound me.

3.  That or he’s seen Austin Powers without us knowing about it.

4.  Little Miss has been practicing a solo dance for Big Sky State Games and I have to say, it is so stinkin’ cute.  The song itself just makes me smile.

5.  Speaking of Little Miss.  She finally lost one of her top front teeth.  Admittedly, it made me a bit sad at first.  Now, I’m just giddy when she smile or has herself a good chuckle.  Mr. Hatten refers to her as a jack-o-lantern.

6.  You know, speaking of teeth, I was in the orthodontist chair once when I was 17 years old getting ready to be fitted for braces and at the very last minute, I (so stupidly) said, “you know, I’ve decided I don’t want braces after all.”  Don’t ask.  Okay, well, if you do want to know why I decided against it, I’ll tell you.  I decided to not get braces because I didn’t want them in my senior pictures.  Wasn’t that genius??   Ugh, because now, guess what?  I decided to bite the bullet.  I have a rack of metal currently on my teeth.  I mean, my teeth didn’t necessarily look like the wolf man but surely, I was a bit self conscious about them.  While, I’m certain most people didn’t think “redneck” when they saw me smile, admittedly, I can’t help but be overly critical when I look at some pictures and think maybe I ought to change my name to Savannah Sue or Trixiebelle.  For this, I voluntarily allowed an orthodontist to install a railroad on my teeth.  Now, Mr. Hatten refers to me as his teenage girlfriend.

7.  We refer to Mr. Hatten as overly talkative. 😉

8.  Has anyone read The Glass Castle?  If you know me, you know that I’ve been recommending this book for months now.  And if you haven’t read it, well, you REALLY need to.  Trust me…

9.  As for what I’m listening to on Pandora lately…well, that would be Gavin Degraw radio.  I’m not going to lie…I think in some of those songs he’s thinking of me.  Just kidding, Mr. Hatten.  I’m also listening to Little Big Town radio…that station is a keeper too.

10.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a bulk of images from a session.  Thought this one was a good one to start with.  Loved this family…

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