SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {girls date and info on 2013 photo sessions…}

Hola amigos.

It’s Friday.


What a week already but boy, I say…how nice is it to be Friday?!

First of all, in case you didn’t see this on Facebook…I’m nearly ready to roll in booking all 2013 photo sessions.  Can’t even ATTEMPT to express my excitement!!  SO looking forward to an amazing year!

And because no post is a good post without pictures, thought I would share these from my girls date with Little Miss…simply wanted to capture the age of 8.  She rocks my world, this one.  Sure, we have our moments where I nearly lose my mind as she meets the definition of lollygagger at times and well, is most certainly filled with dramatic reactions at times.  She gets emotional when frustrated and gets frustrated when emotional.  Stomps like the dickens when she’s mad.  And well, she’s not too keen on the slightest inkling of a possibility of failing…ugh.  Let’s just say that, well, hmmmmm…these traits may potentially be genetically passed along.  I won’t say from who.  Lucky girl. 😉  She’s silly, she’s sweet, and is filled with such kindness and THE warmest heart.  She’s 8.  Just simply 8.  LOVE this age and LOVE that I get to be her mom.

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