Isn’t it just so weird how some of the strangest things can trigger a memory and bring you back to a certain time in your life?  Our evenings are very much the same each night…after the kiddos are in bed, I’m on the computer right next to Mr. Hatten watching tv.  Last night was funny though because he landed on “Back to the Future.”  Whoa!  It just brought me back.  The highlight…the words “flux capacitor.”  I haven’t heard that in FOREVER and realized that I just don’t seem to use that term often enough in everyday life.  Yeah, yeah, I know that the flux capacitor is used in space craft but I just had visions of me leaning over the mechanic changing the tires on my very sporty mini-van and nonchalantly saying to him, “Would you mind checking the flux capacitor?”  Or even after a workout, “I think I injured my flux capacitor.”  So many uses!

Oh, and one other random rambling…have you had this tea?  It is my FAVORITE!  It is the absolute best.  I drink it A LOT.

Okay, one other item worth noting…I have a black eye.  It’s quite a nice shiner.  I really do need to take a picture of it.  Let’s just say that I’ve been officially initiated as “mom of boy.”  Well, let me take that back.  I think I may have been first initiated when I learned that “boy who eats sand later has sandy diaper.”  Anyway, as for my battle wound story, we rock-a-bye a bit every night before bed and sometimes he gets a case of the silly’s and completely gets me giggling.  The other night his silliness stemmed around needing to kiss me on my cheek.  After a good dozen of these, I turned my head at about the same time he threw his head back being silly and wham!  The crazy thing was that he was actually still cute because he kept saying, “bonk.”  Needless to say, I went to bed with a tiny little knot and woke up with a lovely ring of bright purple.  I think I just look tough.

Anyway, figured I should at least share a few pics…here’s a few more from this session.  How sweet can he be??

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