Oh my goodness, I have a severe case of writer’s block.  I have been staring at this computer for far too long so enough is enough.  I’m just going to write.  I feel old.  It dawned on me today that the seniors that I’ve been photographing this year are half my age.  I’m CERTAIN though that no one could actually tell.  Hmmmm…

I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady on her family ranch in eastern Montana this past weekend.  She not only showed me the sites, but she also showed me a dead snake, a meat-eating enormous spider, and warned me of raccoons and skunks.  And no matter what she may tell you, I absolutely did NOT mistake their black and white cat for a skunk creeping near my legs while in tall grasses.  And for the record, a skunk and a black and white cat are well, both indeed black and white and hairy.  It is possible that the two could actually be mistaken for each other in one’s peripheral vision.  You know, just sayin.

Miss Kathleen, it was a treat to spend time with you, your very sweet mom, and also your dog, Rowdy. 😉  You are pure sweetness and beautiful and you most certainly have a whole lot to offer that big world you will soon be embarking upon.  Here are a few images from our time together…looking forward to showing you a whole lot more soon!

I saw this swing hanging from a large tree in front of their house and I knew it only seemed right to use it.  AND it only seemed right to also incorporate her mom as this is the same swing she used to push her on as a little girl.  It sure does put things into perspective and with that said, I think I’m now off to hug MY little girl.

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