…his favorite food, so he says.  Followed by the puzzled look, head shake and grin from his parents.  You have to love the shear random questions and responses from this age.  I LOVED this session!  I had to tell Mom that it’s supposed to feel like a whirlwind.  I mean here we are in an area of town with shops and small restaurants and plenty of people enjoying the sunshine and the sites (including our session).  And then we throw a three-year-old, a four-year-old, and their parents out into the middle with a strong effort to capture those priceless interactions and special moments.  Welcome to a custom photography photo session!!  It will rock your world!  So, between one broken lollipop and one fall in the mud, we came out ahead, WAY ahead.  Thanks R family for a memorable and superfun session…truly, I loved every bit of it!  Hope you like your sneak peek…

This one just makes me SO happy…it’s infectious!

Can you say “spitfire?!”  My abs still hurt from laughing…  (little A, this one’s for you and your favorite color….PINK!)

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