Oh, blog.  Poor and neglected blog.  Here I am, friend.  I’ve come back for you.  Yes, yes, I know, you are mad and feel horribly left out.  Oh no, of course I haven’t found another blog to take your place.  You are the only one for me.  I’ve only taken a break and am back now to visit.

Whew, just wanted to touch base and let folks know that I’m still alive.  It has been special project mania, of which, I have been enjoying.  Getting back on track is what I’m calling it.

1.  Fake-smiling through P90X workouts.  I’m sensing a yearly pattern.  Lose weight before the spring, gain it all back in the fall and during the holidays.  Admittedly, I thoroughly use each and every second of the day during the busy months and what usually has to give is the workouts.  Somehow, I have to figure out how to fix this problem because, you see, I dislike losing weight.  You too??!!  Ugh!  Maintaining is so very much better, isn’t it?  So, Mr. Hatten and I have bitten the bullet and taking the bull by the horns and grasping the nettle and going for the gold and well, you get the picture.  On a very positive note, I’ve been quickly reminded how much better it feels to be working out again.

2.  Eating better.  See #1.

3.  Business planning.  I have been thinking and thinking and thinking and planning and planning.  I’m excited for some changes, new products, and other little tidbits.  All on the horizon…  Oh, and btw, in case you missed my facebook folly, I’ll be starting a new facebook site soon.

4.  Potty training.  Yes, who knew how excited one could be to have reached this step??  We’re there!  Well, I think.  Everyday is new.  It certainly isn’t uncommon to be sitting in the living room watching my little buddy play with his legos or cars to have him look at you so pleased with himself as he says “Mama, me pee’n!”  Nice.

5.  One-frame-a-day project. Yes, I’ve missed a couple days already but I have to say, it has made me feel a wee bit less guilty about NEVER getting to the scrapbook and also being about 4 or 5 months behind in my journal.  I started creating my pages and I already just love seeing images that just reflect “us.”  It makes my heart happy.  Very happy.

6.  Just being mom.  Because it’s just so stinkin’ fun!

Anyway, no post is technically a post without images so figured I would share some more images from this session.  Isn’t she a sweetie?

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