60 years of marriage that is.

I have been plugging this session to these two for a LONG time.  What better year to make it happen…the year of THEIR 60th wedding anniversary.  Let me introduce you to Mr. Hatten’s grandparents.  They are truly the heart and soul, the deepest core of the branch of this family.  Family.  Yes, family.  This is what their world circulates around and I have always just felt blessed to be a part of it.

When I first met Mr. Hatten, I couldn’t help but notice that his grandparents would be holding hands or sitting closely and lovingly.  After all of the years they’ve been together, they truly, are still one hundred percent in love with each other.  It is pure and unconditional love and getting to see it is nothing short of a fortunate experience.  Oh, and it is indeed an opportunity to be placed within a comfort zone to be convinced that sitting in a recliner with only a ribbed white tank top and unders is okay…hee hee.

This is certainly a session that I hold very near and dear to my heart as they are people whom I have adored and admired and I can only hope that I can make 60 years of marriage look half this good.

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