SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {“What _____ looks like.” (Month 5)}

I, Skye Hatten, have been blessed with the opportunity to join six incredible Montana photographers on a little adventurous blogging project.  The project is entitled “What ______ looks like.”  As for the point…each month we will each choose to fill in the blank with a word (or words) of our choice.  On the third Monday of each month, we will all be sharing a selection of photos on our blogs.  We will each link to another photographer until our circle of 7 is complete.  The goal:  to capture moments that WE will cherish and create images that will fuel the creative fire that often can be at a smoldering stage <hand high in air>.  Admittedly, I’ve been looking forward to this project for a while.  It’s beyond needed and I’m looking forward to it not only helping me expand my horizons but hopefully, may inspire you to create imagery that brings you back to a particular moment with your loved ones.  So, when you’re all through here, DEFINITELY head over to the blog of the talented Alicia Fry Photography – Bozeman, MT Photographer!

Okay, I’ve decided to cheat a little bit this month.  Ideally, I would have some images of our family to share as I’ve found this project to be a great opportunity and inspiration to capture those little elements of our everyday lives that I know I’ll want to remember later.  HOWEVER, admittedly, I was kind of the pits at that these last four weeks.  Lesson learned.  All is not lost, however.  On a whim, a couple weeks ago, I decided to take part in a workshop put on by Jason Savage.  The content of this workshop falls far outside of my element but honestly, I was just up for something to do just that.  We meandered around the city of Helena concentrating on local landmarks and architecture.  I’ve grown to adore this little city so it was nice to explore a bit all the while capturing a few details.

So now, I present “What stepping out of my comfort zone looks like.”

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