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Dear Blog,

Oh, how I’ve missed you so.  Yes, yes, I have a smorgasbord of random ramblings that is not technically expected to make you smarter.

1.   First and foremost, because we are creeping so very close to Thanksgiving, AND because this has been on my “to tell” list for far too long, I must let you know of yet one more carbohydrate addition that simply must be on your dinner table this year.  If you haven’t yet ordered your dinner rolls, do you and your sweatpants a favor and pick them up at Great Harvest this year.  They have five different varieties (Buttery Basil Oregano, Honey Wheat, Honey White, Cranberry Orange, and Sweet Challah).  The Hattens will be enjoying these this Thanksgiving as well as their pumpkin swirl bread, which is a must-have.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on their service…they’ve mastered it.  So go, GO, run fast…thank me later.

2.   Speaking of food, we’ve been having soup at our house lately and in case you haven’t been on All Recipes lately, you ought to try the Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice as well as the Delicious Ham & Potato soups.  Both of my kiddos loved these.

3.   And now, speaking of soups, today was THE “Bowlful of Thanks Soup Feast” put on by Little Man’s preschool.  The kids walked from the school to a church nearby where several different soups, breads, and desserts were served.  I feel that my day was complete at the sight of that cute little line of 3, 4, and 5-year-olds headed into their “Feast,” of which they have spent so much time preparing for.  This has been quite the topic in our house as this was an event meant for each preschooler and two guests.  “Tactful” wouldn’t be the word I would use for his approach at mentioning this to his sister, who was in school anyway.  I’m quite positive this won’t be remembered as the thankful card he prepared said this…

Moms dig these kind of things.

4.   Speaking of the little guy in this household, there was a week or two where he was saying this:  “What the…(long pause)…heck…is that?”  I was just waiting for that to surface at the most opportune time.  This would have just been gravy to the times he’s showing his muscles to the grocery store clerk or telling random people how fast he is.

5.   One more discussion worth repeating…
Little Buddy:  I needed to rinse my mouth out or it was going to “pell” gross.  (still getting a kick out of his lack of “s” sounds before certain words)
Me:  What was it going to smell like?
Little Buddy:  Coffee.

6.  Little Miss and I attended the Nutcracker Tea Party on Saturday.  It’s funny because as a mom, I simply go to these types of things to watch her.  I looked at her at one point during the performance and she had one leg crossed over the other like such a little lady and had her hands clasped together right center on her lap and she was just watching the dancers in such admiration.  These kind of moments really do it for me…love that little girlie.  Oh, and I suppose it’s a good thing she doesn’t sit like her mother.

7.  And while we’re talking about Little Miss, we had her parent-teacher conference a couple weeks ago.  Her teacher said that she was her favorite child in the whole school EVER and that she is gifted and charming and absolutely MUST take after her parents.

8.  Okay, her teacher didn’t say exactly that.  However, she did say that she’s doing well and that she’s great at following rules and directions.  On a side note, we adore her teacher and to give you a bit of insight, this is from an email she sent today:

“As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I feel blessed that I have the most wonderful job in the world.  Every day I am allowed to work with your children, watch them grow and learn, share in their joys and small sorrows, and learn from them.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to touch your child’s life and for sharing your child with me.  Children are the most precious beings on earth, and yours are super special to me.”

I think that Little Miss is in good hands.

9.  Do you know a LEGO lover?  If so, this set completely caught my eye…it’s awesome.

10.  I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said “I wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life.”  Not sure if I’m just easily amused but, well, I was pretty much amused.

11.  “Country Girl Shake it for Me”  Has anyone heard this song?  Seriously.  Wow.  Such touching lyrics.  Where do people come up with this stuff?  Needless to say, I do not plan on perfecting my line dancing skills with that one.

12.  On a music note, my favorites lately have been this and this.  I’ve been listening a whole lot by way of Pandora lately.

13.  I’m still doing a bootcamp fitness class in the mornings and can I just say one more time how much I love it?  I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a class nearly as much as this one.  The wee bit of sanity I have managed to maintain during this crazy time of year can easily be partially attributed to these workouts.  Mr. Hatten has been able to help retain the major bulk of my sanity this year.

14.  We made these the other day…I thrive on good quality time and this ended up being one of those times.  Loved it.  Little Miss put my place card together…

15.  So, it’s been pretty stinkin’ busy around here these last several weeks and so much ends up being a bit of a blur really.  A vicious circle, I would say.  It’s so very important to just pause a second and look around and see, really see and appreciate, all that we are grateful for.  This Thanksgiving, I’m going to do just that and my wish for you is that you’ll do the same.  Embrace the moment.  You’ll thank yourself later.  😉

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