SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {“What _____ looks like.” (Month 1)}

Hi friends.

We’re friends, right?

I’m going to go ahead and assume that it’s okay to go ahead and place you in that “friend” category.

SO, since we’ve established that we are indeed “friends,” I feel that I can go ahead and tell you anything.  Right?  You’re not backing out now, are you?


Okay, and you know, I can tell you anything and you won’t question my maturity or pass judgement, eh?  Because, you see, I’m not going to lie.  I do occasionally find a whole lot of humor out of topics and/or occurrences that may or may not technically resemble a level of maturity of a grown woman.  You see, just to give you an idea…I will indeed laugh first if you trip or slip but I will then make sure you’re okay.  You know, depending on how funny it really looked.  Keep in mind, this special treatment really is reserved for friends and family only.  The lucky ones.  Strangers are another story.  I sat in an auditorium once listening to a speaker and this lady in a nice dress suit came bee-bopping down the aisle with an entire toilet seat protector sheet hanging from her waistband (true story).  Okay, you got me, I did kind of laugh a tiny bit inside but quite quickly I felt that it was my personal duty to write her a note and pass it forward so that she knew just what hitched a ride on her backside.  So, I reached forward and tore a piece of the toilet seat protector off and began preparing this note.  You see, I’m not all that bad.

So, the funny story of the day went like this…

Situation:  We’re getting ready to road-trip it yesterday to meet our newest cousin born over the weekend.  I’m getting toothbrushes ready in the kids’ bathroom.  I leave the bathroom to tell Little Man that he needs to go pee before we leave.

Me (exiting the bathroom): “You need to go potty before we go.”
Little Man (going into the bathroom): “Did you go poop?”
Me (What the heck?):  “No.”
Little Man (assuming that I’m fibbing and teasingly replies): “Yeeeesss, YOU did.”
Me:  “What?  No, I didn’t.”
Little Man (aka. Super Sleuth):  “Yes, you did.  You have the ‘poop seat’ down!”
Me (OMG, he IS 100% boy):  “Just so you know, girls pee with the ‘poop seat’ down.”

Okay, so this post is actually a very special post.  I, Skye Hatten, have been blessed with the opportunity to join six incredible Montana photographers on a little adventurous blogging project.  The project is entitled “What ______ looks like.”  As for the point…each month we will each choose to fill in the blank with a word (or words) of our choice.  On the 20th of each month, we will all be sharing a selection of photos on our blogs.  We will each link to another photographer (see end of post) until our circle of 7 is complete.  The goal:  to capture moments that WE will cherish and create images that will fuel the creative fire that often can be at a smoldering stage <hand high in air>.  Admittedly, I’ve been looking forward to this project for a while.  It’s beyond needed and I’m looking forward to it not only helping me expand my horizons but hopefully, may inspire you to create imagery that brings you back to a particular moment with your loved ones.

Without further adieu, I present “What his first valentine tea party looks like.”

You would be missing out if you stop here so be sure to continue through this circle…Next up, Ms. Alicia Fry Photography – Bozeman, MT Photographer.  Check out where her creative eye landed this month!

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