SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {’tis the season…}

October 2nd!!  OCTOBER!!!  For what it’s worth, THIS is my favorite month.  Well, I think it is…we may have a tie with December, of course.  So, here we are, right in the thick of it.  Officially, I’ve been staring at this computer far too long and my cozy covers are awaiting me.  I figured though, what the heck, let’s actually WRITE something!

1. I don’t like squirrels.  Not one little bit.  Not that I would harm them or anything, of course!  I’m just not one to be friends with a squirrel.  Two r’s, one l, by the way.  Kind of a tricky word, really.  So, anyway, just felt that you should know because you see, there may be a day where you are driving by me walking along a sidewalk and you’re going to see me flinging my body with my arms wrapped around my head.  You’ll know that this move is not a signature dance step…I’m simply dodging a squirrel.  I KNOW that they have one prerogative.  It is to dive bomb on my shoulders and crawl straight down the back of my shirt or scurry into my pant leg.  Your encouraging words will not change my view.  So, if you get scurried on by one of those icky, furry, fidgety creatures…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2. I grew up in a mobile home.  This is not the point of my comment though.  It was a nice mobile home.  Really, it was.  HOWEVER, can I just disclose something?  One of the biggest highlights when I went to college was, you’ll never guess.  It was drywall.  Yep, I had been within the walls of wood paneling for my entire life to that point and drywall was the cat’s meow.  My kiddos will probably hope for paneling when they leave…ya think?

3.  When I was in about the first grade, my parents bought a ‘new’ car.  At least it was new to me.  It was THE BEST!  We’re talking plastic fold-down sunroof, hatchback, vinyl seats, decal striping to boot and RED (SPORTY!)!  I remember thinking that we were quite possibly the finest living family in eastern Montana.  Here’s a picture of what this find piece of machinery looked like, although this one isn’t quite as fancy (no plastic fold-down sunroof).  Back then, it was such a treat to hit the McDonald’s drive through and can I just say?  You should have seen the admiration in those workers eyes when this thing glistened in their eyes as they gazed out that sliding window of theirs.

4.  Oh, forgot to mention.  The car was french…Le Car.  Say it softly with an accent…any accent will work fine.  Try middle-eastern even.  Yeah, now I told you it was fancy.

5.  Two families will be happy this week.  I have two orders sitting right behind me as I type waiting to be packaged and delivered to their new homes.

6.  Today, the little boy in this house said “That’s how we roll.” when talking about him and his buddy at preschool.  He’s also been saying “Let’s get this party started.” a whole lot lately too.  Hmmmm…

7.  His sister is another story…I’m proud of that girlie.  She’s been busy with various activities and homework and continues to keep a pretty stinkin’ good attitude most of the time.  Just in case you missed this image of us, I can certainly say that I don’t have another image of the two of us that makes me this happy.  Want to know what was said to make her giggle??  I tickled her side and whispered so nicely…”Your breath smells like moose poop” just to see if she would laugh…yay!  Love that girl!

8.  I have nearly 8,000 pictures it seems that I could share but the time allotment isn’t allowing it AND I kind of feel like I’m keeping secrets as a result.

9.  I’m going to try these.  Only after I try this first.

10.  I must go to bed as I have to pull myself out of my cozy bed very early in the morning but before I go…a little preview of this session.  So much love…lots of fun to watch.  Lots more to see soon!

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