SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {the king of burgers…}

So, the conversation after dinner went as follows tonight…

Little Miss:  <insert boys name from class> said something bad.  He said the “C” word.
Me (just a smidgen concerned):  What word is that?
Little Miss:  I’ll whisper it to you so he (little brother) doesn’t hear.
Little Miss (cupped hands around my ear with a whisper):  He said “crap.”
Me (relieved):  Oh, that isn’t a nice word…we shouldn’t say that.
Little Miss:  He also said the “S” word.
Me (now just curious):  What word was that?
Little Miss (same routine):  He said “stupid.”
Me (just simply overjoyed inside):  That isn’t a very nice word either, is it?

As for other funny things I’ve heard lately.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with these girlies and when I asked them what they had eaten for lunch that day…well, they said “The King of Burgers.”  I said “Oh, where’s that at?”  Mom then says, “Burger King.”  I LOVE that their family refers to it as The King of Burgers!  Yes, life’s simple moments can offer pure entertainment.

Just wanted to share a few images from their session…nothing but lots of sweetness!  Thanks R Family!!  More coming at you soon!

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