Since it’s been what I would refer to as FOREVER since I’ve put a list of ten together, I figured I would take a moment to bless you all with my useless highly intellectual thoughts.  Whoa, whoa, whoa, get back over here!

  1. So, we all have addictions, right??  Go ahead and just make me feel better.  Just say, “yep” and we’ll keep moving.
  2. We’re friends, right??  Since we’re pretty CLOSE friends, I can tell you things that I don’t tell ANYONE, sure???  I figured as much…SOOOOOO between you and me, I absolutely MUST tell you that I do indeed have an addiction.  I know, I know, pretty heavy information, eh?  Okay, okay….baby steps…since we’re all just good friends here, I’m going to just put it all out there…I, Skye Hatten (aka I’d-rather-read-a-book-than-corrupt-my-brain-with-television), am 100% addicted to watching episode after episode after episode of the show Parenthood on the iPad.  Yes, sort of like “oh my gosh, I just ate an entire bag of doritos.”  It just feels good that we can talk about these things together.  That’s a good first step, yeah, ya think???  But really, let’s be honest, I can’t possibly be THAT addicted to watching Parenthood, no?  I’ve NEVER EVER ONCE imagined I had an over-the-shoulder podium stand for portable transport and use of the iPad…never, absolutely never.  Ever.
  3. Okay, one time, I thought that.  Good friends don’t judge, by the way.
  4. Did anyone see this video of these ladies watching birds?  Incredible.  Made me feel a bit like I was there.
  5. I decided to recently finally repaint Little Miss’s bedroom incorporating the colors of orange and a deep pink…turned out super cute and my only comment would be, “How can what I think will be a 3-hour project turn into two days?”  Painting is deceiving.  Regardless, we have quite the little dachshund-lover in our house and this little embellishment will be gracing her wall super soon.
  6. The other day, I had an epiphany and realized I have yet to introduce my kids to the Mamas and the Papas, Van Morrison, OR the Beatles.  The way I looked at it, this is a pretty big deal, particularly because the only song that has been belted out at our house is “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”
  7. Speaking of the Lego Movie…ever since we watched it in the theater, I haven’t the heart to tell the little man in our house that this character’s name isn’t pronounced “Michelangel-loaf.”

8.  Anyone else filled with fascination of historical photos??  This slide show of 40 must-see photos is incredible as is this one from Life Magazine.  I can’t get over the magnitude of some of these images.

9.  Super excited to report that I’ll opening my books super soon.  I’ll be posting some information in the very near future AND I have to say that I’m nearly bursting at the seams to share some upcoming special projects.  Woot!  (yes, I really said ‘Woot!’).  Woot again!

10.  These last couple of months have been all about catching up, regrouping, re-energizing, re-inspiring, and, well, watching Parenthood episodes.  For the record though, I’m feeling a season change coming on and have a serious craving for creativity…2014 is going to be quite a ride…I feel it!

And while I’m here…loved this day.  Just the four of us sledding.  Nothing short of perfect.  Gave me a happy heart.

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