So, sure, it isn’t Tuesday but what the heck??

1.  This week has been nuts and filled with too much to say the least…I’m completely looking forward to the weekend and getting to spend some quality time with my crew.  I’m missing that more than can be expressed.  Admittedly, I’m feeling a bit sappy as the summer is closing.  With Little Buddy starting preschool this year and Little Miss headed back to school, this mom is most certainly doing her best at slowing time down a little.  On a positive note, they’re ready to roll…little stinkers.

2.  Speaking of the little man in this house, we’ve had some recent days where one was wearing the same outfit for days in a row.  For a while, it seemed to be a prerequisite for doing practically anything.  Just to share a bit further, this is what stepped out of the garage when we were all playing in the driveway.

Oh, and yes, the shirt is on backwards and if you must know, he is indeed sporting a princess tattoo on his arm.  And you know what?  Seeing this picture makes me want to scoop him up and squeeeeeeeze him so tight!

3.  And just for fun since we’re talking about Little Buddy, can’t help but laugh at this one…

4.  As for Little Miss, she seems to be a walking first aid kit lately.  The girl is addicted to bandaids.  The other day while walking, Little Buddy fell and scraped his knee.  Mind you this was just after 8:00AM.  She said “Oh, I have a bandaid” as she reached into her pocket and pulled out what was indeed a bandaid.  That’s my girl.

5.  Speaking of Little Miss, she has recently been blessed with wart on her toe.  The ladies at the pediatricians office recommended Wart Stick and I have to say that it is already working…wowzers!  That’s impressive stuff, however, one thing to note, it does indeed look like chapstick (of which is referred to as “lip-tick” by Little Buddy) so we had to remind and re-remind Little Buddy that he wouldn’t want to put it on his lips…needless to say, we keep it put away.

6.  Newborn safety in the photography world is so very important and has been a hot topic in recent months.  If you or even someone you know ever plan to have your newborn photographed, this is a good read.

7.  This was a super cute post. My friend, Angie, won a photo session from Shannon Holman in Kalispell.  Wonderful images and a very sweet story to go with.

8.  If you don’t read The Creative Mama, you should.

9.  Because I feel like we’re friends, I also feel that you should know that when I was little (you know, like 10?), I would mix up the words “cantaloupe” and “antelope.”  Oh, I most certainly knew that one was a melon and one was a mammal but it seemed that I felt the need to do a little cough at the beginning of these words in context so that no one would notice I had no clue which was which.  Now, I’m an expert of differentiating the two.  In fact, I just saw a heard of cantaloupe the other day.  Hee hee…

10.  The bags under my eyes and I are going to hit the hay…happy Thursday!

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