SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {sunrise…it’s SO worth it.}

So, is it normal to cry at a preschool parent/teacher conference?  Likely not but I’ll let you go ahead and appease me with stories of “oh, I’ve cried at those a million times.”  I won’t name any names but I know someone, well, this person I see in the mirror each day, cry just one time at a preschool parent/teacher conference (no judgment please).  And it was just out of being all proud and sentimental (weird, go figure).  So, I’m sitting there just listening to her visit with me about how Little Miss is doing in preschool when she just begins describing how Little Miss goes through one of her lessons, the “baby lesson.”  This is a lesson that allows the child to undress, bathe, and redress a little doll very independently (water, soap, the whole bit).  So, Ms. “H” gets out the entire “baby lesson” in front of me during our conference and proceeds to imitate how Little Miss does this entire lesson.  I was doing fine and then I was STILL doing fine and then I WAS CRYING!  (Why do I do this???)  Can I just say that you know your kiddo is so well taken care of when the passion of their educators is so blatantly obvious and the pride they take in your child shines through when you look at them and they ALSO have a tear in their eye?  I can’t tell you how tickled I am to have been able to put a session together for the lady I have to blame for “crying at preschool.”   We put this session together for her and her husband.  They recently had a very quaint wedding and are now following up with photos of “just them” together.  What they say about “the early bird” couldn’t reign more true…we met prior to sunrise and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  K & H, THANK YOU for agreeing to meet me at a crazy hour…YOU TWO WERE AMAZING!

These are their boys…they are sweet, sweet, sweet and SO good!  Beyond good!  They are the best listeners and even though they can’t talk, I know they were secretly making fun of me for the sounds being made from behind the camera to keep their attention.  I’ll spare you the replay. 😉

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