SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {Order deadlines and Christmas cards…}

Today is October 26, 2011.  Did you read what I wrote?  OCTOBER 26th!  This means that it is the END of October!  And do you know what this means???!!  It MEANS my cutoff date for orders must be approaching.  And it is!  This year, I have set my cutoff date as November 9, 2011, which isn’t all that far away.  What does this mean for you?  It means that if you were thinking of ordering any Christmas gifts, Christmas cards, or any other items, November 9, 2011 is the last date to order to guarantee you receive all of your images and goodies by Christmas time.  Just a heads up, I do take all of the month of December off to enjoy the season with Mr. Hatten and our crazy kiddos.  Important note for those who haven’t received their galleries yet:  For those who are at the tail end of the season, this cutoff date does not apply to you.  I’m currently in the midst of proofing and preparing a handful of galleries.  If you have yet to see your gallery, your deadline will be your gallery expiration date.

AND speaking of Christmas cards!  This year, I’m doing things a little bit differently.  In the past, I have individually designed a couple custom Christmas card options for all of my clients based on their images and unique styles.  This year, I’ve set up a large gallery of Christmas card options that now offers more to choose from including both stylistically as well as the type of card.  This year, I’m also just tickled to be offering a luxe boutique line of cards, all die-cut for just a little something different.  These are offered in a flat double sided version as well as a tri-fold, which is downright amazing.  And yes, if you remember from here, the Hatten family is indeed the snobby sort when it comes to Christmas cards.  I’ve emailed each of my clients this year all of the information necessary to view these incredible cards.

AND since no blog post is a blog post without an image or two…

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