SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {just one of those days…}

Some days are just a bit rougher than others and you know it wasn’t so bad when you just look back at it and just laugh.  I’m not sure I can explain it adequately but between Little Miss stepping in dog poop, my Little Man aggravating her each and every second he had, big tears from her out of frustration, Little Man taking a series of ink stamps and covering his entire body, which required a bath, AND noticing fresh warm pee on my carpet approximately an inch from the linoleum in our bathroom from my weiner dog (whom we don’t usually have much for house training issues) who didn’t find much interest in going outside as it was looking like it was going to rain.  This required immediate cleanup with the addition of Little Man attempting to close the bathroom door on my legs and taking no reservations in stepping over me as I’m trying to clean it up.  I think he was indeed attempting to ride on my back all the while shouting “giddy-up horse.”  This followed by me asking Little Miss to get her shoes on as we were going to be headed out the door to a friends house for dinner…a minute passes and she somehow got something in her eye, which actually is kind of bad because it ended up being irritated all evening.  I’m a little bit concerned about it but am hoping it’s a bit better after resting it over the night.  Needless to say, it has certainly just been one of those days.  On the highlight list though was holding my little buddy as we left the park before lunch and he of course had his thumb in his mouth with one hand and it melted my heart that he was rubbing my back with the other.  As for Little Miss, cuddling her up tonight, teasing her, and seeing her sweet smiles even though she kept her eyes closed the whole time.  I’m just crazy about those little turkeys.

As for some pics, I just wanted to share some more from this session.  Their little family of four is pure sunshine.

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