SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {it snowed yesterday…}

…so I figured it was only reasonable to post images from before it snowed. 😉

Oh, and to let people know that I do still exist.  Just been busy with processing orders, designing books, cards, etc.  I REALLY need to take some pics of some the amazing items people have been ordering this year…it’s weird, sometimes I have these visions of jumping into that open door on the delivery truck and yelling “Step to the side!” and quickly ripping open the box, pulling out that coffee table book or canvas print, holding it up in the air, all the while that background music of glistening chimes plays and a steady beam of hazy light gleams on my treasure.  You know, just everyday thoughts.  I digress.  A little.

Regardless, I do have to mention one thing.  I have a confession.  I have been anti-facebook FOREVER.  Don’t ask, just didn’t feel that I had enough time to devote to it.  HOWEVER, I thought that maybe it would be okay to get a facebook page for Skye Hatten Photography.  So, I did.  Keep reading.  I made a few entries and just wanted to be sure I wanted to continue before I really told anyone I set it up.  Yeah, yeah, I know, I over-analyze.  Always.  SO, I thought I would login to my account and make a change or two and basically pushed a few buttons and well, let’s just say, well, I deleted myself as the administrator of the page.  One would think that this is an easy fix but let me assure you, it is not.  There were at least two pages of results when I googled this issue, all without a solution.  What does this mean for me?  I’m not really sure but I do know that I have a facebook page for Skye Hatten Photography that is completely orphaned that I cannot even login to.  As for my point, if you have already “liked” my page, sorry.  I will likely have to start a new page so stick with me.  If you were interested in following me on facebook in the future, I do foresee me figuring this all out sometime this winter after things settle a bit.  Oh, and go ahead, make all the fun you want.  I wanted to kick my own heiney. 😉

As for the pics…my little man has been cracking me up lately so it only seemed appropriate to include something of him.  He went to his first football game the other night.  As for HIS lasting impressions??

1.  Big Boys “Tack-0” (aka. Tackle)
2.  Drink water.
3.  Girls dance.

I’m in trouble.

Oh, and in case you haven’t placed your order, TODAY is the day to order by to guarantee delivery before Christmas…not to give anyone an ulcer but that’s only 5 weeks away!  Yikes!

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