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So, tonight rounds out yet another Mother’s Day.  This year, I received a hand-made ceramic jewelry holder, a hand-made ceramic heart magnet, and the very best cards made with lots of love.  Most importantly, I was hugged and hugged again, which left me with nothing more than a warm heart and a smile on my face.

And to my mom, Happy Mother’s Day…thanks for just being you.  Your support, love, and sense of humor surely has shaped all that I am today.  I’d be lost without ya!

So, I realized today that it’s been far too long to have waited to share a few of these images.  Meet Mr. Owen.


It was the moment that he came to visit me that I realized that maybe I had waited too long to share his newborn images.  You see, he has now put about 12 weeks under his belt, er, well, I guess his diaper fastening strips.

Meet Mr. Owen again…the updated version.

Before my oh-so-funny joke…

After my oh-so-funny joke… (okay, admittedly, he may have been an easy target)


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