So, we go to the doctor the other day for the scary kindergarten appointment (AKA:  THE shots.).  It wasn’t great but I have to admit that it wasn’t really any worse than I had expected.  In fact, overall, I thought she did great.  She’s a wee bit on the dramatic side so given that personality trait, she rocked it.  As for the memorable parts:

Nurse:  “We need to check your hemoglobin levels so that the doctor knows that you’ve been eating your green beans.”
(Let me explain a bit, this is the finger prick and slight blood draw.  Let me also mention that Little Miss dislikes green beans more than fresh cow pies.)
Little Miss: (Extensive questioning and resistance to this little procedure.)
Nurse:  “Look, your mom will do it so you can see that it isn’t that bad.”
Me: “Ummm, yeah, look, I’ll do it.”  (shooting the wide-eyed “WHAT?” look at the nurse)
(So, I do it.  Then, she does it and it really wasn’t that bad.  The nurse leaves and the doctor comes in.)
Doctor:  (Fun and random questions including…)  “What is your favorite food?”
Little Miss:  (long pause…quite unlike her.)
Me:  “You know what some of your favorite foods are.”
Little Miss:  (a brief pause and the shy yet matter of fact answer)  “Green Beans.”

I don’t know why this one was so funny but I just thought it was…

Doctor:  “How high can you count?”
Little Miss:  (again, very matter of fact) “Finity”  (aka “Infinity”)

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend…when did it become near the end of it??

Thought I would share a few more from this session…aren’t these two beautiful together?!

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