So, I’m quite certain that my neighbor Susan does not read the blog and 99% positive that she doesn’t know that I even take photos of amazing families.  Regardless, I must share that she is one of the sweetest little ladies that I know of.  She’s a grandmother who is always taking her first grade granddaughter to school at nearly the same time I take Little Miss.  On Friday, I saw her as I usually do and then my little man and I had to run over to Target to pick up a few last minute Halloween items right after drop-off and as we were standing there, Susan happened to have walked by in a rush.  She only momentarily stopped to say this, “Oh gosh, there is one little boy in “L’s” class just in tears because he’s the only one without a costume.”  I had goose-bumps when she said this and my heart just sunk.  It’s funny how a moment like that can send a range of emotions through you.  Immediately, I felt sad for a little boy whom I do not know.  There could be a multitude of reasons for him not having a costume and times like these may happen to anyone, I suppose.  Regardless, I couldn’t help but imagine the hurt he must have felt in a situation like this where he was surrounded with smiling, laughing peers all filled with joy in anticipation of a day of Halloween games and fun.  Thinking of children less fortunate does indeed make us want to rescue them.  Enter the amazing Susan.  She didn’t know this little boy either but she couldn’t have purchased a costume for him quick enough.  Sure enough, as my little man and I were finishing up, Susan rushed by as quickly as we saw her the first time, only this time, arms loaded with cowboy costume gear.  In a short while later, there was going to be a little boy who’s tears were going to be replaced with a smile.  Thank goodness for people who’s hearts are bigger than themselves and take no hesitation in making a difference.

(Update:  I saw Susan tonight and visited with her a bit.  She did indeed give that little boy his costume.  Well, actually, her granddaughter gave it to him and said, “I told you we would take care of you.”  She said that I should have seen the smile on his face.  I told Susan that she had to have made his Halloween.  And perfectly, her reply was, “No, he made mine.”)

Here’s wishing each of you the best Halloween!

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