Okay, so it’s been a bit nutty already this week with session requests so this is my attempt to stay on top of what is available for 2010.  In my current state of mom-hood and the ages of my kiddos, I take a very limited number of sessions during the year.  I’m finding that this year is booking a bit quicker than last year.  It completely pains me to say that my spring and summer sessions have been reserved and I’m booking into the fall.  There is certainly always the possibility of a reschedule or a cancellation so please, if you had a session in mind, don’t hesitate to toss me a note to be put on a waiting list.  There were a couple instances last year where openings became available at the last minute.

Gosh, that sounds so “business-like.”  Eek!  To stray from that tone a bit, the reality is this.  “Sentimental” and “Sappy” go along with the territory of being a mom.  These words have a tendency to define me at times, which is exactly why I’ve found myself behind the camera.  This seems like such a big year for me with my little girl starting kindergarten (which is turning out to be harder than I thought it would be) in the fall and my little man discovering his way through toddlerhood.  There are so many moments that pass that certainly will not pass again so the best I can do is be there for them and savor them.  With that said, I am making every effort to just be there.  For them.  I can never get these days back so when the day is done, I want to be able to brush my hands together and say I did my best and I was the very best mom I could be because it is this role that is the premise of what defines who I am.  On the photography note, years ago, I had no idea I would feel so strongly and passionate about capturing moments to preserve them, remember them, and feel them again.  Photography has certainly embedded itself deep within me and has given me such purpose.  I long to capture these moments of my family as well as moments had by other families.  Makes my heart happy.  This is why I continue to do what I do…even if it is in a bit smaller doses for now.

Since, no post is a post without a pic, thought I would share this one from the archives since this little guy will be turning two soon…pure sweetness.


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