Okay, what a week.

1.  Little Miss on Monday at dinner:  “I had a hard day today.  <Boys Name> broke up with me.”
Ummmm, what??!  Yikes, this pretty much sent her parents nearly off their seats.  Boyfriends in Kindergarten?!!  Really????!  For the record, Mr. Hatten and I are both first-born children in our respective families and we are a bit “by the book,” if you will.  We’re planners and researchers and people-pleasers and rule-followers.  Yeah, we’re pretty much “super-fun.” 😉  And NOW, I have to come up with a response to THIS comment?  Let’s just say that I’m open to suggestions but we just told her that we only have “friends” right now.  This followed with the nice words of profound wisdom that her parents often have.  Something like “If he doesn’t want to be your friend, then go pick better friends” and just tell him “That’s just fine because we are just friends anyway” and of course, encouraging her to hold her thumb and forefinger in the shape of an L on her forehead and saying “Looo-who-zuh-er!”  Okay, so maybe I was only thinking the last one.

2. Little Buddy has had “the goop” since Tuesday night.  Don’t know what “the goop” is?  It’s gross green stuff from his nose and even his eyes.  He’s been into the doctor twice this week with the diagnosis of “let’s just let it run it’s course.”  I was visiting with a lady today when we went to pick up Little Miss.  Little Buddy had just woke up from his nap and it is during this bit of time the sneezes typically arrive.  The sneezes didn’t let us down.  One monstrous “ah-choo”  came barreling out of him and with it some rather gross and icky stuff from his nostrils.  Lovely.  Certainly a word the lady I was talking to was thinking as well.  VERY fortunately I had a tissue in my pocket…the “mom nose sweep” would not have cut it.  Eeek.  Poor buddy.  I do think he’s getting a little better.

3.  I have pinkeye.  Nice.  I feel pretty.  I have a bit of a hunch where it came from…the other “goopy” person in the house.  Seriously, I’ve been attempting to avoid people today.  It’s actually kind of funny because I am SO self-conscious about it that I pretty much immediately tell anyone who talks to me that yeah, I have pinkeye.   It’s been a lovely conversation starter.

4.  Happy belated Mother’s Day, by the way.  My mother was here visiting and getting to spend the day with her AND my little critters and husband made it a perfect day.  Little Miss had made a flower pot at school.  It made me laugh because last Friday on our way home from school, it was sitting on the front seat wrapped so nicely in a bag so I wouldn’t be able to see the special surprise.  So, she says from the back seat: “Mom, can you hand me that flower pot?”  I said, “What?”  She said, realizing what she just said, “Oh, nothing.  Can you hand me that bag?”  Pretending to have not heard what she had said, I handed her the bag all the while thinking how absolutely special she is and how very lucky I am to have her.  She’s pure sunshine, that girl.  As for Little Buddy?  He said, “Happy Muh-vers Day, mom.  You kickin’ butt.”

As for images to share…THIS session came my way with a Mom who was thinking that it was time to get some images of HER kids while they were all home together.  The oldest is in college, the middle on her way to college at the end of the summer and the youngest home for a bit longer while in high school.  There was probably a good possibility that they could have found something better to do with their time but this was for her and they did great.  Their parents certainly have a lot to be proud of…each of them are smart and kind and headed for an amazing future.  Can’t wait to see what they do.

And of course, there is no possible way that I would allow “Mom” to forgo the opportunity to be harassed as well.  We, as mothers, do not get in front of the camera with our children often enough.  I am guilty of it and I intend to put more effort into this because I’m absolutely crazy about my kiddos and years down the road, I want them to see AND feel the crazy love I felt for them always.

Ms. M, THANK YOU for having me take images of your favorite people.  Quite simply, I can say…you did good.

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