So, it’s definitely not uncommon for me to be hauling one of my kiddos to the doctor for a regular check-up or some bug that’s getting them down.  I have said it before but again, I have always had such adoration for the staff at our pediatricians office.  I was so very lucky to be asked to take maternity and newborn photos for one of the nurses we’ve seen quite frequently.  She’s a gambler though…she signed up for my first maternity session.  Her and her cute family were so very good!  It was FREEZING!!!

Thanks T family…your little crew is the sweetest. 🙂

(There are pregnant women all over the world wishing they looked this good at nearly 9 months in!!  Heck, 6 months!!)

I have a very strong suspicion this little critter is going to be very well loved and taken care of…ya think?  Pure sweetness…

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