SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {a little man in the house…}

So, you’ll never guess.  The wind blew today.

Enough said.

On a more entertaining note, some highlights of the conversation had in the back seat while driving Little Miss to her drama class.  (Yes, drama, and yes, she was blessed with plenty already.)

Little Buddy (singing): “Papa. Papa. Papa-rawt-zee.”
Little Miss:  “Raise your hand if you like Lady Gaga.”
Little Buddy (hand high in air…no comment and absolutely no idea what the question was.)
Little Miss (thumb pointing down):  “Not me.”
(two minutes of random conversation and such go by)
Little Buddy: “Raise your hand if you like Lay-gee Gaga.”
(big giggles…followed by a series of “Raise your hand if…” statements.)
Little Buddy: “Me have lots of boogers in my nose.”

Entertainment?  Yes, absolutely.  A conversation I’ll forget?   I sure hope note…it sure put a smile on my face this afternoon.

Umm, yeah, and for the record, they don’t actually listen to Lady Gaga.  They are indeed still listening to age appropriate music…they just ADORE that Alice Cooper lady.  Hee hee, kidding…now THAT was funny.   Actually, in case you were wondering, our absolute favorites are:

  1. Laurie Berkner
  2. Elizabeth Mitchell
  3. Frances England
  4. Oh, and if you haven’t seen/heard Andrew Bird’s “Dr. Stringz,” it’s a big favorite at our house.  You can check it out here.
  5. Okay, one more…we have always been fans of Moose Tunes by Brent Holmes…we have danced many a time in our kitchen to this.

Okay, enough random discussion…LOOK DOWN HERE!  THE POINT OF THIS POST!!

A couple weeks ago, someone’s family grew by one.  This little addition will likely offer a whole new world to this crew as mom and dad (aka. parents of two sweet girlies) are officially parents of this sweet baby boy.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to be well taken care of by his big sisters.  Isn’t he just going to look SO adorable in that baby-doll stroller with his fingernails painted???  😉

Thanks B Family…I just feel lucky to have been able to be there during some of these beginning moments.  As my little guy is about to turn three, I couldn’t help but look back so fondly at the past three years and be beyond excited for you and the amazing times you are experiencing now and the amazing times headed your way.  Enjoy, enjoy!

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