The In Home Photo Experience – Skye Hatten Photography

Thank you for your interest in a spring in-home photo session!

During the months of January through May, I will be focusing entirely on these in-home photo sessions. In years past, I have brought these sessions to the calendar at a special rate and I’m happy to be bringing these back again.


  • 1-Hour In-Home Photo Session
  • 40-50 Full Resolution Digital Images
  • Print & Share Release


  • Price: $650 (Nonrefundable $325 to book and secure your session reservation, $325 due 5 days before your session date). I’ll email you an invoice for both.


  • The location – your home! My most favorite for a plethora of reasons.
    It’s memorable.
    It’s comfortable.
    It’s authentic.
    We humans tend to predominately capture and preserve what we’ve called the “big” moments…the ceremonies, the games, the vacations, the holiday concerts. Yet life’s big moments are often the ones that continually happen in the space we spend most of our time…at home. This tends to be the least captured and documented as it can be considered “ordinary”…yet, it’s this space and these times we long to have a vision of after we pause and take a moment to realize years have passed by in a collective stretch of simple, yet heartfelt and meaningful experiences. The first steps, the go-to toys, bath time, the books read, the favorite meals eaten, the soft snuggles, the phasing in and the ultimate phasing out of stages and habits…a full set of teeth transformed to a confident smile comprised of only a newly wide space of gums…from the favorite Spider-Man jammies to the favorite Nike hoodie…from Paw Patrol to Gilmore Girls…nothing, absolutely nothing, is stagnant.
    So it’s “home”… home is worth capturing.
  • I’ll arrive to your home and spend some time scoping and strategizing. I will not be in any rush at all during this process. I use this time to look around and visit with you and your family.
  • Weather – I don’t worry too terribly much about the weather. Occasionally, we may see a stormy day that produces a darkness that may be worth rescheduling for.
  • Sickness – Sadly, these moments happen. And I understand. On the unfortunate chance, someone isn’t feeling well on the day of our session, we’ll visit and reschedule.
  • These in-home photo sessions are for immediate families only.
  • This is an authentically editorial experience. Therefore, it is just that. A photojournalistic capture of your family. Just you…being you. I do not have a set sequence of imagery I capture. This setting is comfortable and casual and always just flows according to your family


I relay this often…a whole lot more works with regards to clothing than doesn’t. Bottom line, it should be representative of what you all typically would wear. Not necessarily the joggers and jammies…but something comfortable and somewhat coordinating in “fanciness.” We can visit more on this too.


  1. Cheeky kiddos photograph well. Rest easy if someone gets a case of the sillies. Don’t panic, I promise we’re conquering exactly what we came for. Warm and exuberant photos are to be had from this cheekiness.
  2. Make your photo day an easy day. I know “photo day” can result in some stresses…all in the name of perfection. These sessions are crafted specially to just simply capture “you.”  Breathe. Enjoy. Use this time as a moment to just focus on each other. Sometimes, these moments don’t surface as much as we’d like. Embrace it.
  3. Food. Makes everyone happier. Well-fed kiddos are happy, ready to play, and have some fun.
  4. Your home is perfect.  I promise.  Breathe that sigh of relief and don’t let any thought that says otherwise enter your head.
  5. Tidiness…a tidy house photographs well. There is no need for a professional house-cleaning project, however. Just a decluttering effort in the spaces we’ll be, which could be bedrooms, kitchen, living room, or even a front porch. I can generally be found following spaces with the most available light.
  6. Consider planning an in-home family activity or two. Whether it is a family favorite game, a book reading session, a puzzle, or a kitchen baking fest, the actual chosen endeavor means less than the simple time together.


These sessions are about only a couple thing…love and capturing the essence of this moment in life. Very simple. I always begin my sessions with a statement such as this:

Your children know you love them.
But will they remember the enamored look
you gave them or the soft embrace of your arms
around them? Go. Go be you. Show them
the love you will want them to remember.
I’ll be here to capture “that.”



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