Mountainside Montessori Photos 2023

Dear Mountainside Parents,

My name is Skye Hatten and I have been fortunate to have been able to photograph Mountainside kiddos for several years now. While I’m primarily an editorial and lifestyle photographer, I take on this one solo school photo event each year for a few reasons. My very own two kids are products of the Mountainside goodness and I believe in this school with my whole being, often reflecting upon the fondest of memories. Second, this age range is absolutely magical…and subsequently, these few days that I get to be behind the camera for this event are nothing short of a full heart-filler. So, thank you. I sure appreciate this opportunity. This year was just as magical as ever!

You can track down the link to view and order images here: Mountainside Montessori School Photos 2023

A few things to know…

IMAGE ORGANIZATION: These images are organized by the order of which they were taken. There are a fair amount of images in this gallery so it may take a little bit to load.

INDIVIDUAL AND SIBLING IMAGES: For most kiddos and siblings, there are multiple images presented. Just a heads up too, I don’t curate this gallery to ensure every person has an equal number of images because, as you can imagine, there are a lot of dynamics that play into this. In order to ensure that having one’s photo taken continues to be an enjoyable process, I don’t push too terribly hard to capture a number of images of kiddos not very interested.

PURCHASING: To make this very simple, I have put together three collections to choose from as well as the option to purchase digital images. A couple notes: When adding collections and/or digital images to cart, you’ll need to select the particular image(s) when you’re checking out. Important – Collections are for a single image – I am unable to mix/match.

DIGITAL IMAGE ORDERS: First, when selecting to purchase a digital images, again, you will need to specify which digital image you would like when you are in the checkout. The digital image is generally for printing up to 11x14in. The intent of the digital image is for unlimited printing, preserving, sharing with family, and web and social media use, if applicable. Please feel free to reach out if you plan to print in a larger scale and I’d be more than happy to prep the image to the specific size for you. Also, just a heads-up, these files are large as they are full resolution. I do include a slightly lower resolution image within your downloads but do let me know if you need a smaller file size for any reason. Note: All watermarks are removed from purchased images and I recommend for printing services to all of my clients.

PRINTED COLLECTION ORDERS: Upon purchase of any printed collections, these orders will be processed and delivered to Mountainside.

CLASS IMAGES: A class image will be included with each collection order. For digital image download purchases, a printed class image will be delivered to Mountainside for distribution.


May I screenshot images? No. In respect of my time, pride, and passion put forth in this endeavor, please do not screenshot imagery.

May I purchase more than one collection or digital image under one order? Yes.

May I purchase a printed collection as well as a digital image? Yes, you may add as many collections and digital images to cart as you would like.

Deadline: This gallery will be up through Monday, November 27th. Please place orders prior to this date.

Delivery: Digital images are transferred following purchase via a separate email link. These are a pretty speedy turnaround – less than 24 hours. The download link does expire (I can’t remember but I think it’s within a week) so please download shortly after receiving your email. Printed collections will be delivered during the week after Thanksgiving break.

QUESTIONS: As always, please don’t hesitate a second to reach out via email or phone.