SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {yet another fall day…}

I’ve known the mom of these girls for about 14 years now.  Yikes, I can’t help but shake my head when I look at that number.  14.  YIKES.  That’s a little while.  It’s even funnier that I can reiterate probably about a gazillion stories about her.  (Visions of singing to SWV and Tevin Campbell going through my head).  She’s dramatic (gasp!), spiritual, political, has a heart of gold and quite simply… is a kick in the pants.  AND as her oldest says, “she has style.”  We put a session together for her girls over the weekend and what a relief that it was a beautiful day…last year’s session handed us some 40 mph winds and a heap of forest fire smoke…eek!

As always, thank you “F” family for spending some time with me…it was beyond nice to see you guys and your girlies are so very sweet and obviously (see below) absolutely adorable!

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