Wednesday??  We’ll go with it…

1. Okay, so I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus…sorry for my lack of blogging efforts.  You see, we are currently at a pivotal moment in history.  Yes folks, this moment far surpasses the priority of ensuring life to go on as normal.  At least until the somberness of this historical moment in time passes.  Yes friends, it is true, Oprah is moving on and closing up shop after 25 years of television.  I’ve just been far too preoccupied with the DVR at night to possibly even think about anything else!  AND you think I’M bad???!  You ought to see MR. Hatten…just so very sad, sitting on the couch with his box of tissues not to even CONSIDER missing a single episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show OR the behind the scenes on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  A true fan to the core.

2. As for the real reason I’ve been out of commission, I actually had a horrendous sinus infection following my lovely pinkeye spell.  Yes, tears were had and I spent the last week in a daze.  Pretty much all better now though…yay!

3. Unfortunately though I haven’t worked out for two weeks now…I have, however, managed to be sure that I don’t miss a meal or a dessert opportunity.  Funny how that works.

4. I was driving the other day and I noticed a framing gallery’s ever changing text on their billboard sign, you know the ones with those black letters.  Anyway, this week I noticed that it said “Art.  It does a body good.”  Would it be bad if I admitted that I may have thought for a second that it would be funny to place an “F” at the beginning of that phrase?  Don’t ask.  And no, I likely shouldn’t admit this thought.

5. We had “Mountain Lion Encounter Safety Training” at the Hatten house today.  There was one found in our neighborhood this morning so I relayed my internet research to my kiddos.  Because, you know, they’re going to have to follow suit because their mother would just freeze and pass out.  Just in case you were wondering, you are supposed to look as big as possible and to not run as they will chase.  Ummm, yeah, count me out on experimenting ANY technique.

6. We went to Little Miss’s soccer game tonight.  She is so very sweet and not super aggressive.  She runs around and sometimes touches the ball but the whole time, she has a smile on her face.  Tonight though, she got a goal!!  Her arms went straight in the air and her little face beamed…I was SO very proud of her!

7.  Speaking of Little Miss, here we are at the end of the school year already!  AND just when I thought all those tear jerking milestones were over for a while, guess what??!  I was wrong!  Guess what is coming up very shortly.  Kindergarten graduation.  Graduation.  AND if that wasn’t enough…those little turkeys will be singing!  Great!  Just when I thought I was going to be getting a break from sobby sappiness, here I am.  Just so you know, I’m a wreck at these sort of things.

8.  Speaking of crying, I have extreme jealousy of those who can cry and maintain composure and can talk all the while tears stream down or they just dab a little at their eyes.  What is that all about??!  Because you see, when I cry, it seems that all air flow from my face immediately ceases as each passage way is immediately closed.  And then, you’ve all seen it, the attempt at looking all nice and composed is made.  And then the attempt at making some sort of conversation is made.  And you know what happens next??  Absolutely nothing.  It’s like the lips begin to move in an effort to say something so casual and calm and then nothing.  They eyelids are now puffy and the face all splotchy and it is at this moment, EVERYONE wants to talk to YOU.  And THEN, here you are with nothing to say and snot streaming down your closed nostrils and your eyes the color of tomatoes just simply trying not to look too obviously emotional.  Oh???  This doesn’t happen to you?  Okay, me neither.

9.  The Little Man in this house has taken a new role in recent days.  Yes folks, he’s a brave little firefighter.  Thank goodness he removed the head off of a golf club and walks around with the shaft asking if there is a fire.  As for my favorite part??  Well, he doesn’t always pronounce the “S” sound at the beginning of some words.  It really varies on the particular words.  In the firefighter instance, I had once said to him, “I don’t smell smoke.”  After that, Mr. Firefighter has since quite frequently, with golf club in hand, asked “Do you pell poke?”

10.  This week, I was able to spend some time with these girlies that you may remember from this session last fall.  They are a hoot and were as entertaining as ever.  Thanks ladies for making me laugh!

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