1. Train graffiti fascinates me.  It just does.  Don’t quote me but some of it is actually really good!
2. I’m really not much of a fan of spearmint…why does ANYONE like it?
3. R&B music from the 90’s, yep, still like it.
4. American Pickers on the history channel is a new favorite…if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out.
5. There was a time as a kid that I collected mechanical pencils and hot wheels cars.
6. I love pepperoncini peppers.
7. I have crazy, uncontrollable eyebrows.  They really can’t be tamed.
8. I can recite the alphabet backwards in under 5 seconds.
9. I’m a stickler for good quality shoes.
10. Men really should shave their armpits…what IS the point of all that stuff under there?

AND as for the intention of this blog post, just wanted to share some more from this session…I’d say he’s a keeper, eh??

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