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How are you?

No really, I want to know.  I’m not just asking…I promise…I’d LOVE to know.  We’ve had a busy week, which came off of a busy weekend.  A busy weekend that also stopped us in our tracks with a nice round of sickness.  Spring shall arrive very soon!

Okay, so did you see that Friends episode where Janice (Heh-eh-eh-eh-eh…) breaks up with Chandler?  Do you know what made him feel a bit better with the help of Rachel and Monica?  Yeah, good ol’ ice cream.  I’ve been on a Friends kick lately while running on the treadmill…I had forgotten how stinkin’ funny that show is.  I nearly forget that I’m running.  Nearly.  Trust me, I don’t absolutely love running.  Well, until I’m done, I guess.  Then, I just love it.  AND I think I’m “a runner.”  And then the vicious circle starts again and I dread it and get on the treadmill and sweat and breathe hard and trust me, I don’t look like a runner.  Speaking of Friends again, have you seen Phoebe run?  Yeah, I may know someone who may resemble that running style.  Mr. Hatten.  hee hee, only kidding.

Anyway, I’ll stop with Friends flashbacks and jump right back to ice cream.  For those who are local or have passed through, have you been here?

If not, then you ought to.  This isn’t your ordinary ice cream shop.  They have REALLY GOOD ice cream!  Just in case you were wondering…and I know you are…my favorites are Yellow Cake, White Mint Oreo, and when they have it on special, of course, the Cookie Dough.  Admittedly, I do try to limit myself a wee bit because you see, back to the running thing…don’t really enjoy being a hamster so much.

I thought I would point out too that I’ve been working on a special little project that I can’t be more excited to show you…

Fun, eh??  Big ice cream smiles make me happy.

Now, go.  GO!  Do your bones a favor.  Yes, take one for the team…go get some ice cream!

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