SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {sprucing up a bit…}

Okay, so first of all, before I forget to mention, I love, love, love baked goods and a great cookie tops my list.  I was reminded of that this weekend.  We went to Discovery Ski Area this weekend and because I’m quite comfortable admitting this little tidbit of information, I will tell you that I just may enjoy their amazing chocolate chip cookies even more than I enjoy skiing.  Yes, I said it.  AND I will also admit that as I was standing in line to gather lunch for my crew, I did indeed have a light wave of anxiety at the thought of them potentially running out of their cookies before I made it to the end.  I mean come on, this chocolate chip cookie is no ordinary cookie.  It is nearly an inch or better thick and filled throughout with chocolate chips.  I definitely give them the imaginary trophy for “best chocolate chip cookie.”  Just in case you are wondering, not only do I take photos, but I happen to have an opinion of cookies served here in Helena and would recommend the following, because, yes, I know you were wondering:

Best Drop Sugar Cookie:  The Cranberry Sugar Cookie from the Dive Bakery…this one is worth stopping for
Best Monster Cookie:  Hands down, The Monster Cookie from Great Harvest Bakery…tall glass of milk is a must
Best Decorated Sugar Cookie (for looks):  The Sugar Cookie from Park Avenue Bakery…perfection
Best Decorated Sugar Cookie (for taste):  The Sugar Cookie from Sweet Flour Bakery…yummy

Not sure why I felt it necessary to explain my favorite cookies but before I sign off, I do want to mention that I’ve been cleaning up a bit and am excited to finally report that I’m done with this task!  I think I started this special little project over two months ago and am finally ready to announce that I’ve changed my look a bit, created some spectacular collections, added some new and amazing products, and am so stinkin’ excited to get some of these products into hands of happy clients I can hardly contain myself!  So, if you get a chance, be sure to check out the website as my galleries are completely updated with some of my favorite images from last year…yes, I’m with ya, it certainly IS about time!

On a side note, I do want to mention that session reservations for this year are filling up very fast.  I have very limited spots left for the summer and the fall is looking pretty squishy as well.  It’s definitely never too early to book.

With that, here’s wishing you all a great week!

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