written last night…

Five and a half years ago, I was certain to be leaving the hospital with a baby boy in my arms.  I mean really, I was only going to be a “boy mom” and I think I had myself pretty prepped for what was to come with a rough and tough little boy.  Well, I would soon find out that a baby boy was NOT what I had growing in my belly.  It was a beautiful baby girl who would immediately change my world.  Turns out, I was indeed meant to be a mother of a little girl who would be into those little girlie things…babies, princesses, dancing, drama and pink, oh lots of pink.  She is spunky and sassy and her little body holds a heart bigger than the sun.  I’m crazy about that girl.  Tomorrow, we embark on a new adventure as she will begin her first week of Kindergarten.  Tomorrow, I will hug her, kiss her and wave to her and she will turn her back to begin yet another little journey.  My only wish is that she’ll have a blast and that she’ll also know that no matter what, her mom will be behind her and supporting her and will always be there to catch her in case she falls.  Love ya, sweets.

(we took these a couple days early so I could just focus on that first day “stuff”…)

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