Your Fall Mini Session Experience

Hi there!  WELCOME to your Fall Mini Session experience!

So, here are the little details and bits of information that will help us be on our merry little journey.


  • 30 Minute Photo Session
  • 15-20 Proofs within an online gallery for viewing
  • 11×14 Print of the image of your choice
  • 5 fully edited digital images for you to print, enjoy, and share
  • Mini-Collections and options to add on more prints, products, and digital images


  • Price: $350


  • The location will be a safe space with a whole lot of Fall goodness!
  • Weather – on the off-chance weather poses to be challenging on the day of our session, I will ensure we reschedule for an alternate day. (Montana, I do love you with all my heart but sometimes, you can be a smidgen unpredictable at times). Blustering winds are a most certain “no” (yikes!) but breezes can be most beautiful and take a simple image possibility to stunning levels.
  • Sickness – Sadly, these moments happen. And I understand. On the unfortunate chance, someone isn’t feeling well on the day of our session, we’ll visit and reschedule.
  • These mini-sessions are appropriate for babies 6 months and older.


First and foremost, most definitely wear something you are comfortable in. As far as the rest, my key recommendations are not to match and simply go for coordination.  There are so many options that are incredible. I always say that a lot more goes than does not. Flowy dresses are beautiful, denim is lovely, and as far as colors…grays, dark blues, mustards, deep reds, black and white stripes…even a selection of muted tones…all of these photograph wonderfully. Any questions or just want to bounce a couple ideas off of me, definitely don’t hesitate to toss me an email or give me a call (406.449.5686).


  1. Cheeky kiddos photograph well.  Rest easy if your kiddo gets a case of the sillies.  Don’t panic, I promise we’re conquering exactly what we came for.  Warm and exuberant photos are to be had from this cheekiness.
  2. Make your photo day an easy day.  I know “photo day” can result in some stresses…all in the name of perfection. These sessions are crafted specially to just simply capture “you.”  Breathe.  Enjoy.  Use this time as a moment to just focus on each other.  Sometimes, these moments don’t surface as much as we’d like. Embrace it.
  3. Food.  Makes everyone happier.  Well fed kiddos are happy, ready to play, and have some fun.
  4. Dad. Occasionally, he’s not too thrilled to be conquering family photos.  Not always, but sometimes.  Mr. Hatten has fell into this category a time or two.  HOWEVER, he gets the value of it and always has more fun than he thought he would.  So, sometimes Dads expect “best behavior” and I occasionally wind kiddos up.  It’s how I roll and expressive kids are pretty stinkin’ awesome — like I said before, they photograph so well.  If there is one thing you could do for me, it’s to let everyone know that this will be a super fun experience.  We laugh, we run, we play, and we’re all about loving hugs and smooches.  This session is a treat…filled with a mini-adventure.


These sessions are about one thing and one thing only…love.  Very simple. I always begin my sessions with a statement such as this:

Your children know you love them.
But will they remember the enamored look
you gave them or the soft embrace of your arms
around them? Go. Go be you. Show them
the love you will want them to remember.
I’ll be here to capture “that.”