…we made this session happen!  We have rescheduled this one countless times due to crummy weather.  AND as I write, there is currently about three inches of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.

So, just so it isn’t a secret, I get nervous for each and every session I take on.  Every single one.  One would think that these nerves would eventually not show up but they do.  And you know what I find?  I find that it always ends up being a waste of energy.  There is certainly a pattern and it goes a bit like this:

I always show up to my session locations very early.  I typically look around for a bit and then sit and ponder a loose schedule and sequence of the session.  This is all the while my nerves are taking over and I’m thinking to myself that maybe this whole photography thing is just a bad, bad idea.  I’m a first born child and I’m assuming that whole “fear of failure” thing goes with the territory, I suppose.  As I sit and wait in anticipation, the unknown of how the session will go pushes my anxiety up many, many notches.  I know, isn’t this completely silly??  AND I do this each and every single time!

As for the cure??  Taking photos.  It is completely gratifying and magical to see a session unfold.  The interactions, the laughing, the special moments that I get to watch.  Nerves?  Gone.

This session followed my typical pattern and once again, all said and done, there really wasn’t a question as to why I do this.

Thank you “C” family…I had nothing but fun with your crew.  Here’s a sampling of what’s in store…

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