SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {warp speed week…)

Oh, Friday, how I love you so.

So, school started and Mr. Hatten had to be out of town this week for work.  I’ve been sleeping with one eye open for the past three nights.  AND if you must know, I have horrible hearing so I sleep only on my back so that both of my not so good ears can help each other out.  AND I have Little Miss sleep with me as well as our 8-pound weiner dog.  The dog is great because, you know, with all that tremendous hearing ability, she can growl at something that really isn’t anything at 12:30AM so that I can think that it must be something and now I lie there with both eyes open.  This is only after I’ve placed the broom strategically balanced in front of the back door so that if someone were to decide to come in, the broom would fall and I would hear them (I’m sneaky like that)…you know, back to the hearing thing.  My phone and the pepper spray I use when I run is placed strategically on my nightstand to instill that security that allows me to sleep comfortably with both eyes open staring into the hallway.  Let’s just say that I sleep a bit better with Mr. Hatten next to me.  Well, because surely, HE would wake up and bust some serious chops if he needed to.  You know, with the crime rates within the family filled residential subdivisions of Helena, Montana and all.

What I’m trying to say is that, well, I’m going to bed.  But before I go, I’m a bit tardy sharing a few quick images from this recent session with this stunning girlie!  More to come, of course!

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