SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {ten on wednesday…}

Okay, I tried to get this completed yesterday…honestly, I REALLY tried so we’re just going to go with it today…

1.  Yesterday, my alarm went off at 5:50 AM.  I turned it off, briefly paused, and opened my eyes and it was 7:17 AM.  Don’t ask.

2.  To take this one step further, may I just tell you how much I appreciate Mr. Hatten?  I leaned over and said “oh gosh, it’s 7:20.”  He just so nicely tells me to take my shower first and he’ll make lunches.  There is a slight possibility that if this happened the other way around, the wife in this household may have been snotty.  MAY have been.

3.  I realized that I failed miserably at getting out thank you notes from my recent July birthday.  I’m usually much better than that as I feel that thank you notes are still so very important.  Honestly.  I’ve been pretty much the pits at certain things such as these this year.  WHICH, I’m cutting myself a break on this one.  I also typically hand-knit thousands of wool slippers during the year to mail to cold-stricken fisherman in Greenland but it didn’t happen this year either.  My friends don’t really read the blog but just in case, thank you for your gift and next year for your birthday, I might make you some wool slippers.

4.  I started a “Boot Camp” fitness class three weeks ago.  I feel so much better when I’m working out and this is no exception.  I feel like this class is the best thing I could have done for myself right now.  Especially during the very busy pre-Christmas season.  On a side note, I still don’t look much like Jillian Michaels but I also don’t look much like Richard Simmons either so I’m going to just go with it.

5.  On a more depressing note, I’m also eating better…ugh.  Very soon though I’m going to be making these...yummy!  ALSO, I went into Great Harvest bakery today and they had pumpkin bars that looked absolutely amazing and they had cinnamon chip scones that I nearly paid for ten and ran fast to a quiet place and gobbled them up.  I refrained though…what a drag.

6.  I read this post yesterday and loved it.  A fun blog to follow and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her workshops.

7.  You know, ever since she was a guest judge on American Idol, I’ve kind of tried not to like Katy Perry (she was a bit on the snotty side).  I just wish she would quit coming out with catchy songs that I end up liking.

8.  Don’t judge but if you must know, American Idol is the only show on tv I even watch a bit of during the year.

9.  I took fall pictures the other day of my kiddos.  Gosh that made my heart happy.  No matter how busy I get, this is always something that is such a breath of fresh air.  Yes, one day I will share…

10.  With the entrance of Fall, also comes the entrance of the season for wearing Gap long-sleeve t-shirts.  Yes, I do indeed have nearly a color for each day of the week and don’t you even think for a minute that I won’t wear one each day of the week.  I recently opened the drawer to my long-sleeve shirts and it was like glitter fell from the sky, harps played, and each shirt gleamed with the brightest smile and welcoming arms.  They said to me “hello, mommy” and oh, how I have missed them so!  We belong together.  With that said, I have images to share of a lady who shares my love for the Gap long-sleeve t-shirt.  Although she didn’t wear one for our session, she surely was thinking of them.  We put this session together for just her and her girls, which I can’t help but think how much these will mean to them when they’re grown.  What a fun evening…thanks so much girlies!  Just a few of many more to come soon…

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