1.  Procrastination.  It seems to be seeking a strong friendship with me.  Not sure if it’s the weather or the time of year or maybe even just pure and simple laziness but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to figure it out.

Dear Procrastination,
What do you say?  Shall we cut all ties?  I don’t think we’re meant to be.
Warmly yours,

2.  Speaking of the time of year, anyone shopping?  Yeah, me neither.  Okay, maybe just a little bit.  Okay, you got me…I LOVE shopping during this time of year.  Crazy deals to be had!  AND yes, yes, the word on the street is that money can’t buy you happiness.  But come on, seriously, have they actually pushed that little “add to cart” button before?  I don’t know about you but it sure does put a smile on my face.  Mr. Hatten’s too!  Okay, maybe not that far.

3.  Speaking of shopping, let me give you a little background here before I proceed.  I’ve really made a point to not buy my kiddos things at stores when they are with me for the obvious reason of setting the precedent and the expectation.  It’s possible that I’ve taken this to the extreme with the fear of being that parent with the noodle of a child exercising their lung capacity flailing and kicking and demanding the Princess Magic My Little Pony be placed in their sweet little hands.  Not to worry, this is certainly not my only fear in life.  I’m also afraid of having to stop by the Target deli for popcorn before shopping as well.

So the situation goes as follows:  Shopping at Target with my two little critters,  I manage to place in my cart a couple colors of nail polish and later pass a selection of superhero Underoos.  While your first thought may have been that I was pondering purchasing a set for Mr. Hatten, you would be wrong as he doesn’t wear these.  In fact, he hasn’t strutted in Underoos in well over a year.  Little Man received a Batman Underoo set for Christmas and I noticed that the Spiderman set was now on clearance with only one left.  Putting my anal-retentive tendencies together, I explained to them (because I’m certain that they care) that I’m only buying this (and nail polish) because it is on clearance.  And this is what Little Miss said…

“Thanks, Mom, and thank you ‘Clarence!'”

Chalk another one up for “Point Made.”

4.  We made these chocolate chip cookies last week for Little Man’s preschool.  They really are that good.  Trust me.  Now, go.  Get in that kitchen and bake!

5.  I often read this blog when I have a moment to sit back and relax.  A while back, she included this quote:

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes selves with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

Isn’t this the truth?  So, lift that chin up a bit and know that YOU are full of good offerings and that YOU are valued and appreciated.  Please know that YOU are positively impacting others in ways that you could never fully grasp.   Also, know that the warm feelings and complimentary thoughts that go through others minds likely only get expressed 5% of the time.

6.  Oh, and also know that that skinny, pretty and very fit lady at the gym likely has a bad nose-picking habit and freckles on her butt.

7.  Thank a teacher.  Seriously.  Right now.  We’ve all heard that, right?  It seems I’ve heard that for years and years and it hasn’t been since recent years that I’ve realized how important that is.  Their job is so impacting, so life-changing, so exhausting, so rewarding, SO essential, yet so under-appreciated.  THANK YOU for teaching our children, validating them, and offering that extra positive encouragement to continue to strive to be better.

8.  Thank a nurse.  I mean, come on, what a job!  They have to be kind and comforting in such a spectrum of circumstances.  They expose themselves to every virus in the book and really, the only thing we give them is first dibs on the stickers.  Thanks for offering your comforting smile and making our children cry with those shots and then disappearing as quietly as you arrived leaving us with the explanation.  Kidding, no, really, THANK YOU for all you do…your tasks are beyond what the rest of us could even think about being able to handle.

9.  I’ve been enthralled by the Anne of Green Gables series while running on the treadmill lately.  I know, you REALLY want to hang out with me and be my best friend.  Yes, I’m THAT fascinating and exciting.  I hate to admit this but I’m on the very last disk and I’m fearful of a bad case of emptiness and depression when it’s over.  The only problem with this series is that it seems to bring a few tears here and there.  Have you attempted running and crying before?  Quite interesting as a pleasant duck-sounding wheeze accompanies.  I’m a very beautiful runner…gazelle-like and angelic with hardly a sprinkling of sweat to be found.  So, I digress.  My point…I’m going to have to think of a new series…suggestions??

10.  Curious as to what music is in my fancy mom van right now???  Well, let me tell you.  You can’t share this with anyone else but it is this.  Yes, you saw that correctly.  The Phineas and Ferb soundtrack.  Check out the reviews…I’m not the only cool mom out there.

As for pics, I’ve been meaning forever to share a few more from this session…enjoy the rest of the week!

Can you find the spider in this next one??  Yikes!!

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