Okay, so I have to say, when I’m a grandma, I’m hoping:

1.  that I’ll be driving a convertible in the summer.

2.  that I’ll have cute funky hair.

3.  that my green thumb will finally arrive – you know, it’s only the elderly who seem to have the best landscaping and gardens.

4.  that I’ll be known for making the best pickles EVER.

5.  that I’ll still be listening to hip music.

6.  that my wardrobe will constitute of a bit more than pleated polyester, elastic waistband pants and sweatshirts with appliqued cats on the front.

7.  and that my perfume choice doesn’t make others run away.

Most importantly, I hope that:

1.  My kids are healthy and happy (I NEVER could have imagined how important this would be to me).

2.  Mr. Hatten and I have the “my grandkids can beat up your grandkids” bumper sticker.

3.  That our kids have kids who adore their grandparents and have “my grandparents can beat up your grandparents” stickers on their backpacks.  Come on, it only makes sense.

This little crew of six made their way to a photo session in the name of a grandparent gift…something tells me these little kiddos have some grandparents who are crazy in love with them.

I’m certainly looking forward to posting some more from this session but for now, just a few to make you smile.

This little friend has changed just a wee bit since seeing him earlier this year, ya think?  How could anyone not want to just hug this little guy?

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