Okay, so I have typed something completely pointless and deleted it probably twenty times now as I attempt to write SOMETHING.  I sit here eating my cookie dough ice cream (second bowl!) pondering the verbal content of this blog post.  The reason?  This week is certainly just one of those weeks…way too busy and just not enough of that quality time I thrive on.  I’m not going to lie, if there is something that is signature about me, it’s “quality.”  Yes folks, I only buy good shoes and good towels.  It’s just the way it is.  Most importantly though, I long for quality time and if it just isn’t happening, I’m crazy!  Enter this week.  Beyond busy.  On the positive note, I’m starting to see the light and if anything, it has been a reminder to chill a bit and just “be” with the ones you love…time marches far too quickly not to.

Thought I would post some more from this session.  Lately, I have had this mindset of imagining what people will think of photos so many years down to road.  With these, truly, twenty years from now, something tells me that they may still bring a smile or two…loved these ladies!

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