Okay, so I couldn’t help but leave this session with just a smile on my face and the best feeling.  Let’s just say that they don’t get nicer than this and I’m certain that I am NOT the first one to say it about this young man.  He’s all smiles and no, we’re not talking those little bashful grins.  It’s the pure happiness smile and it is beyond infectious.  I had asked his mom earlier what she was hopeful for with this session and in sentimental-mom fashion, she wanted me to make him look little again.  This is her first of three to be inching toward turning the page to his next chapter.  I do feel for her as it’s these milestone changes in life that make us all look back at the little moments of pure joy in the warp-speed growth of our children and then forces us to seek the strength to move forward and find solitude in the grand moments to come.

Levi, THANK YOU for just being you for our session…you have so very much to offer this world and I mean that in not only a career but particularly as one whom I know will be bringing happiness to others.  Now, go put on some footie jammies to appease your mom. 😉

A few images to share now and many more headed your way soon…

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