Funny story, so poor Mom of almost two-year-old Libs was given a good run for her money yesterday.  Keep in mind that this family has NEVER had photos taken of them as a family or of their little peanut before by a photographer.  As they were beginning their day, their little lady decided to incorporate a little routine in her personal upkeep.  She figured that she needed some beautifying hair product and scanned the selection and went ahead with what else???  VASELINE!  Yep, all in the hair.  Not sure if you can imagine or not but this isn’t something that is entirely easy to remove from a wee tot’s hair.  So following three washings, lunch, a nap, and a snack, they were good to go.  Well, that was until a little girl with a very pretty white dress sat in melted chocolate as she was getting in her carseat.  HA!  Mom saved the day again and without any additional craziness, they made it!!  Whew!

I’m not going to lie, we started out a little timid and not too sure what to think about this whole photo business.  I saw many of those little concentrating, studying, stares before we found something that drew out a few giggles.  VERY fortunately, I had a stash of heart-shaped balloons in my car for “just in case.”  I think someone else thought the invention of heart-shaped balloons was nothing short of pure genius.

It always fascinates me what these little turkey’s do as their pacifying mechanisms.  My little guy always puts his left thumb in his mouth and either plays with his hair or mine with his other hand.  This little lady cracked me up because she puts her two right middle fingers in her mouth and with her other hand???  Right in the belly button!!  HA!  Something tells me that this is signature Libs…

Thank you “G” family!  What a night!!  I have to say that between seeing a man with a pet goose and many people with more piercings than a colander, we pulled out ahead.  Thanks for hanging in there and just being “you.”  I had a blast!  😉

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