Okay, so for the record, the wind hasn’t stopped blowing for 958 days.


You think I’m stretching a bit?

Well, my friend, I certainly would not exaggerate.  Truly, 958 days.  I can count, you know.  So what, if it’s just actually an approximation.  I can approximate too.  And today, I’m going to go with the number 958.  It just seems about right.  Oh, and may I also add how much I love you, wind.  Bleh.

Due to these blustery days and a few rescheduled sessions, I have here today an official sneak peek.  Let me introduce you to Ms. S and her very sweet girlies.  They braved some wind and some cooler temperatures and entertained me for a spell.  With Mom’s sense of style, the crazy love she has for her little girls, and a splash of the sillies, we made this a go.  Thanks Ms. S for loading up your crew to spend some time with me…it was pure fun for me and you all did great.  Looking forward to showing the rest!

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