SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {just a little dream…}

Okay, so it seems like an eternity that I’ve been working on this post.  I have something so very exciting, well exciting for me, to share.  I have been looking forward to something very special for months now and last week, well, it happened!  No, my house didn’t start magically cleaning itself and no, my skin didn’t turn to porcelain.  Even better!  Let’s just say my three most amazing moments have included that moment I knew Mr. Hatten was my guy, the birth of my baby girl, and the birth of my baby boy.  AND NOW I have something to add…the JinkyArt workshop retreat!  It rocked my world.  For those who do not follow photography, Barb Uil is the mastermind behind the Australian based JinkyArt Photography.  Not only has she inspired every other photographer (including me!) with her most amazing way of capturing the moments and the details we long to see again and again, but she’s also a profound teacher, so transparent and open, and is so stinkin’ funny that I couldn’t help but be whole-heartedly entertained for two and a half straight days.  She made 12 hours fly by in what felt like 15 minutes.  The kicker about this workshop was the fact that Barb traveled from Australia to Montana’s very own little town of Hamilton, which truly was a dream.  The workshop was held at the Meadowbrook Farm, which is the most quaint and amazingly beautiful fully restored farm house and grounds…I had to pry my white fingertips from the banister to head home.  It was all because of the lovely Teresa, whom with her family, gets to spend their days gazing at all this beauty.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you ought to.

Anyway, the retreat was filled with endless knowledge and so very much fun.  I have to say that I’ve been a bit scattered this week as I’ve had to come back to reality from my star-struck state of awe.  On an even more positive note, I have images to share from the several sessions we had to opportunity to partake in.

Life on the farm…I wish I had taken more…she’s a beauty. 😉

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