SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {it’s all glamor…}

Yeah, somebody has to do it…this ol’ glamorous life I lead.  Especially when it comes to my own creatures.

So, things were looking really good for his 3-year session.

Oh yeah, he’s completely into it.

And ummmm, yeah, definitely showing signs of a 3-year-old little boy.  And he most certainly thinks he’s a complete crack-up.  (secretly, I kind of thought so too. ;))

But, you know?  At the end of the day, I think we did alright.  I can’t really express my shear craziness for this little guy.  The age of three has me laughing and loving him more than I thought possible.  He’s been in a little phase lately where he’s been telling me several times during the day that he loves me with all his heart.  I think this phase could go on for a lifetime and my feelings wouldn’t be hurt.   If I could only keep him little for just a bit longer.  The little stinker keeps informing me though that he’s growing up.  For now, I’ll just embrace the little guy he is now and hope to remember what it felt like to hold him as he plays with my hair and what it sounded like to listen to his little phrases and words that will quite soon transition to big kid pronunciations.

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