SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {his cheese face…}

Oh, my aching heart!  He does it for me!  Today was his first toddler music class and I have to say, I couldn’t have had a warmer heart.  He just keeps cracking me up!  At one point, when asked for an example farm animal, he kept saying “Ly-La.  Ly-La,”  which is “Lilly,” our wiener dog.  He followed with this huge repeating round arm sweep and a big “Row!”  This is his “roll over” sign.  This is surely the new fascination that got carried into music class.  I just looked at him and just wanted to sweep him up and love, love, love on him.  He’s just pure joy!

Thought I would share his “cheeeeeeese” face.  He learned this last weekend watching his cousins…love it!  Oh, and yes, that’s a barrette in his hair…he has a big sister!

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