SKYE HATTEN PHOTOGRAPHY: {five years ago…}

Five years ago today, I was holding a brand new, beautiful baby girl.  Now she’s a five-year-old beautiful girl and she’s still certainly my baby.  She has given us an AMAZING five years…she completely lights up our worlds.  I love that girl more than she could possibly imagine.

As for her latest and greatest:

(discussion on hot lunch prepared by another preschool mom…)
Me:  What was for hot lunch today?
Little Miss:  A’s mom brought homemade soup.
Me:  Oooh, what kind did she bring?
Little Miss:  Homemade.

(Me in the kitchen, kiddos in the living room.  Upon hearing the “I’m frustrated” cry by my little man…)
Me to Little Miss:  Did you just push him?
Little Miss:  (no response from the living room)
Me:  Did you just push him? (a bit louder)
Little Miss:  No.  I was just giving him a boost.

(In the midst of doing Jillian Michael’s No More Trouble Zones workout…)
Little Miss:  Do you want your belly like me and daddy’s?
(umm…nice, I just couldn’t quite stay in plank for obvious reasons.)

(After she had her birthday card read to her…)
Little Miss:  Oh my goodness, I think I’m going to have to hold my nose so I don’t cry.


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